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Chengdu start gen technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in science and technology innovation¡£

Was established2012Years1Month£¬Developing rapidly£¬Is the national high and new technology enterprise¡¢National double soft certificationEnterprise£¬The national science and technology innovation fund for unit£¬High-tech zone ChuangYeJiang unit£¬Sichuan province key new product for the unit, etc¡£

The company set up with multiple products£¬In industrial measurement¡¢In the field of motor control and optical fiber welding£¬Continue to challenge major technical problems£¬Optimization of process£¬Continuously provide customers with cost-effective products and solutions¡£

 The mostThe new product

DM300  (Wire drawing die hole measuring instrument)
Diameter Ovality Compression Angle as well as a measurement
DM300Based on the latest optical imaging technology£¬Inner hole was achieved by optical scanning method3DReconstruction£¬One time mold inner hole diameter measurement¡¢Ovality¡¢The sizing zone length¡¢Parameters such as compression Angle£¬Cable is modernization¡¢Mould manufacturing enterprises improve productivity¡¢To ensure that the necessary in the quality of products¡£
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D360  (Filament diameter¡¢The ovality gauge)

0.00001mmThe accuracy of the valid values

D360The breakthrough without motor¡¢Diffraction optical technology£¬After a sophisticated mathematical calculation£¬With clever clamping device£¬To guarantee every measurement in spinning process is precise£¬Wire real data¡£

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O2 (Fine wire diameter measuring instrument)

Up to easily0.01mmSuperfine wire diameter measurement

O2The breakthrough without motor¡¢Diffraction optical measurement scheme,Cooperate with complex mathematical calculation,Nanoscale measurement results are obtained£¬Can be at ease use for a long time
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